Dead Flowers (Manga Review)

Title: Dead Flowers
Author: Takahashi Tsutomu
Illustrator: Takahashi Tsutomu
Number Of Volumes: 1
Pages: 62

Story - "Running about desperately trying to escape reality. But what will you find beneath it's surface?" These are the words utter by the main character Shuuko Souma. Shukko is a woman that rides her bike to escape the reality of life. One night on her usual route, she encounters a car accident. Shukko finds a boy in the car and calls the hospital. When they arrive at the hospital, she meets the boys sister and they become friends. She tells Shuuko the history of her brother's condition and why he tries to kill himself. We found out that their parents dies when he was five. The entire town kept the deaths from him for a year. Once he found out he has been in serious depression. The sister who name is Ayauima asks Shukko to talk to him. Shukko talks to him and he reveals that he can see sounds. Dead Flowers is a well written story. The characters are very interesting especially Shukko. Shukko is running from something as well, which I won't reveal but the story is really great. I enjoyed theme of running, but I did find the seeing sounds thing a little bit out of place. However towards the ending it makes sense.


I really like the art style in this one. The thing that stuck with me in terms of art style was the facial expressions. The facial expressions of the characters faces really brings the story. The environments on the other hand are ok, but not really the best. Their is a lot of use of close up shots but that isn't a bad thing. Overall the art work does it's job.

Final Grade B- The story will keep you interesting till the end. The journey of finding the reason of why the characters are running away is a pleasure. The ending leaves you with hope and wanting to find out more. Final Grade B-.