Saitama Chainsaw Girl (Manga Review)

Title: Saitama Chainsaw Girl
Author: Sakurazaka Hiroshi
Illustrator: Uguisu Kagura
Number Of Volumes: 6
Pages: 192

Story - Kirisaki Fumio's is just an average girl, with an average life and average girl problem. Well not really average life. Kirisaki is a girl who has fallen in love with a boy name Takumi. They started dating for a while, until a new student came to school and Takumi left Kirisaki. What transpire is Kirisaki going into deep depression. Until one day she decides to take matters into her own hands. Kirisaki decides to end it all, and go to school with her chainsaw and kill her boyfriend and herself.

You would think a storyline this dark will have some serious depth to it. Instead we get a story with poor execution. The character of Kirisaki was done very well. I like how Sakurazaka Hiroshi examines how a heartbreak can affect a girl, who is anti-social. He paints a picture of a girl whose whole world was her boyfriend, and when that world is taken you see a woman who is in a dark place. The story has a wonderful build up that leads to the chainsaw killings. The problem is the ending is a huge cop out and will leave you dissatisfied. If you don't want a spoiler then read no further. Okay Kirisaki's best friend Kaoruko, says that the new girl is actually an alien and she is on the run from other alien assassins. Kirisaki and Kaoruko turn out to be friends that are old souls, and they have a life connection. They made a pact that everything Kaoruko says will be true. With Kirisaki being heartbroken she can't believe Kaoruko claims. This causes a rift in the relationship and they eventually stop talking, which leads Kirisaki into severe depression. Here is what makes this story disappointing Kaoruko was right! After Kirisaki chainsaw massacre happens, she wakes up and Kaoruko tells her that her boyfriend is gone. That the alien took him and now Kirisaki has to find him. All the build up was for nothing!The killings never happen, and it was pointless. Also if your wondering how can a high school girl wield a chainsaw. Kirisaki grandfather is an American who had a lumberjack company, and trained her in the arts of Chainsaw Martial Arts. Yes Chainsaw Martial Arts! I know sounds really crazy.


The chainsaw massacre was great. Blood spills, heads get chopped off and Kirisaki looks cool doing it. There is very good detail in the environments and I love how the facial expressions are used. I also enjoy the way the shots were drawn, not to many splash pages and it has great pacing.

Final Grade C-/7.0 - Very, very disappointing. Saitama Chainsaw Girl has great artwork, wonderful build up, but poor execution on the ending and some characters.