Dealing With Bullies

If there is one thing most otakus, geeks, nerds etc, face in their lifetime is a bully. Bullies are a severe problem. They torture, beat and in rare cases even kill geeks for no reason. However depending on the person a bully can be the worst thing ever. Or the bully can be the greatest thing that happens to the geek. I know what some of my readers are thinking. What do you mean it could be the best thing that happens? Allow me to explain in detail below.

Bullies can build confidence or can destroy it - Having bullies was the best for me. Of course they beat me up, spit on me, made me feel less than nothing. However that emotional and physical abuse awoken a fighter in me. I didn't just let these kids beat on me. I fought back. If they punched me, I punched back. But dealing with bullies is not easy for everyone. There is many factors that comes into play.

For me I was bullied in Junior High and it was the worst. There was days I didn't want to go to school. The kids made fun of my clothes because it wasn't up to date. I didn't listen to latest music. Girls thought I was a dork for loving anime, games and Star Wars. Plus I would get jumped on numerous occasions. However through all that adversity, my confidence didn't go down. Instead it made me more fierce to be better than them. I was fortunate enough to have a support system. When my confidence was on low, I had true friends and family to build me back up. This left me able to endure all the bull that these kids threw at me. I understand that many of us have different experiences. Not everyone has someone in their corner. Not everyone has someone to stand behind them and lift them up. This leads to my first rule with dealing with bullies.

1. Have a strong support system - Find someone or something to counter attack the negative energy bullies bring. Find positive people and you will see the difference. Its not easy finding positive people, chances are this support comes from the people you least expect. In my case it came from my 8th grade teacher. Focus on things your good and use that drive to succeed. If you don't fit in that means you're meant to stand out. Stand out my friends.

2. Tell an adult - This is usually didn't change anything from my experience. It usually made it worst for me. Times have changed thankfully. However if you inform the right adult you might not have a bully anymore. Find responsible people who are willingly to make sure that justice is served. If it's a bully in school, talk to the principal, dean, teacher, your parents. It's your job to SPEAK! Nobody is going to know what is going on if you don't tell them. Don't worry about being tattle tell, this is your physical and emotion state on the line.

3. Fight back - This doesn't mean you get a gun and shoot up the school. This means if they push you, you push back. If they punch you, you punch back. Keep in mind though this tip can lead to escalation. Not all bullies back down when you fight. It's okay to defend yourself with your fist, if your being attacked. Don't seek vengeance. This is only if your being physically attack and need to protect yourself. Otherwise make sure you do number 2 until something happens.

4. Talk to your bully -
This rarely works because usually the bully is too ignorant. However in that rare case they might tell you why they don't like you. Then you can solve the problem with words.

5. Love yourself and stay focus - It's really hard to bring down someone who truly love themselves. If you have enough love and confidence in who you are, the bullies won't do major damage. Even I had to discover my love for myself at one point. Having the support system didn't always keep me up. You need to have knowledge and love who you are.

Remember my otakus and geeks that are still being bullied at work, school or etc. These people usually have a cliche story. They are popular, or in power right now but it usually doesn't last. Sooner or later they will have to come terms with who they really hate, and that is themselves. I just saw two of the few men who bullied me in Junior High School. Not to my surprise they are still up to no good and ignorant as ever. I must admit I did smirk that I was doing better than them, but it sadden me that they still haven't grown. This is my most important rule.

6. Don't hold a grudge - DO NOT! I REPEAT DO NOT! Let they hatred turn you into a hateful person. Do not hold a grudge against these people. Endure and kill them with success as I have. Nothing makes these bullies feel worst about themselves than when you surpass them. DO NOT bring them on Maury or Tyra saying, "You bullied me and look at me now." That is showing that you still have a grudge. Just endure it my friends it doesn't last forever. If the damage is too great then seek professional help. I'm serious about that one. You can heal from physical pain, but mental damage is the worst.

Endure, Believe and Be Smart.