Disaster Day Of Crisis (Wii Import Review)

What happens when you combine "The Day After Tomorrow" and the Nintendo Wii? You get one hell of a disaster. Disaster in a good way not a bad way. Disaster Day Of Crisis is 2008 release in Europe, Japan and Australia. It was developed by Monolith Soft and published by Nintendo. Is this disaster worth the import? Or should you steer clear of the this storm?

Story - You play as Raymond Bryce an ex United States Marine and International Rescue member. The game begins with Ray and his friend Steve Hewitt on a resuce mission on a volcano. Sadly the volcano erupts and Ray and Steve must escape before time is up. Steve dies and Ray lives. This works great for characterization, because Ray will be haunted with this throughout the game. A year later Ray quits the rescue team. He is then called in by the FBI to aid them in stopping a former Marine group called Surge. Surge has their hands on some nukes and are planning to release it. Ray doesn't want anything to with it, until he finds out that Steve sister Lisa is in their hostage. While this happening natural disasters are taking place. Ray is having on hell of a 24 hours. The story works minus a few far fetch plot points. What you will enjoy about the story is how Ray deals with himself afte Steven's death. The story has great pacing and characterization.

Gameplay -
This a very verstaile game. It has first person arcade shooting, driving, platforming and action. Most of the time you will play with Ray in the 3rd person. Using the Wii Mote with the Nunchuk you go on hell of a ride. The Nunchuk is used to move Ray. A button is to jump, B button is to sprint. C button is use to move the camera and in gun battles to zoom in. Z button is used to call out for help to find people who need to be rescue, also to clear your lungs. In gun battles Z is used to take cover. During the driving levels 1 is used to brake and 2 is used to accerlate. The gameplay works all around and it responds very well. There is also some really good quick time events that I won't spoil.

Ray also have to rescue people who are trapped. However rescuing is purely optional. I suggest it because you gain experience points for upgrades. The upgrading system works really well, depending on what you unlock Ray will be able to run faster, have more powerful guns and larger life bar. There also is a stamina gauge that you must watch at all times. When Ray's stamina is low his life energy will be slowly draining. It's best to have something in the inventory at all times. The A.I. in gun battles depending on your level is fairly easy. However the boss fights can be a little long if you don't have the right weapons. If you get stuck with only a pistol get ready for a long battle. The driving stages work really well and the motion sensor responds well to your commands. This was one well thought out game.

Gameplay Video

Graphics - The graphics was great to me. Why does the import games have the best graphics? The graphics are really up to Wii standards, you have to see it for yourself to see. I did find some of the natural disaster graphics not really that impressive. The acid rain didn't look good at all. There was no framerate issues and it was great to see a end of the world feel to it.

Sound - The soundtrack is AMAZING! I felt like I was in a real action movie playing this. There is this one track after the Tsunami hits that has so much emotion, you almost feel a connection to the people suffering in this game. Whoever did the soundtrack really did a hell of job.

Replay Value - This game is a ride you want to take again. Once you unlock everything you might want to try it on the harder mode. It's a great ride and a different game.

Final Grade B+ - Disaster Day Of Crisis gets a well deserved B+. The game has a little shortcomings in the story, but it has great gameplay and is very fun to enjoy. I say import it because it's a sleeping gem.