Otakus & Geeks Stereotypes That You Hate

There are many things people think of when they hear the word Otaku or Geek. Whatever your perspective is of a Geek or Otaku, here is a list of the stereotypes you hate. I asked my geeky friends in my life and the twitter followers. Here is what you hate.

1. You're an Otaku so that means you watch Hentai or prefer anime characters than real people - We have no idea where this stereotype started or why some people believe this. First of all not all Otakus watch Hentai or get sexual attraction from Anime characters. It's actually a small percentage of Otakus that will find Misato hotter than a real girl, or Vegeta sexier than a real guy.

2. Geeks are anti-social, depressed and weak - We all have seen how the media portrays geeks. They are usually people who keep to themselves, afraid to talk with people or viewed as weak because of their pursuit for intelligence. It's a stereotype that is very annoying.

3. Adults who play video games are losers - Yet another form of thinking that makes no sense to us. Since when playing a videogame at a certain age makes you a loser? Wow this was a new stereotype for us.

4. Female gamers are not as good as Male gamers - Sadly some Male gamers still believe this stereotype. Trust me I have played a lot of female gamers and have gotten my ass served. They are just as equal with the competition. Some female gamers are even more fierce.

5. Being a geek means that you are a loser.- Another stereotype that is shown in the media. Being a geek doesn't make you a loser. Being a geek with no goals, no ambitions and not bettering yourself makes you a loser.

6. Geeks and Otakus live in their parents basement - This one is also depicted in the media. That adults geeks and otakus still live inside their parents basement, sitting on the couch playing games all day. This just in that is a really small percentage duh. Most geeks and otakus and are very successful with their own places.

7. All Otakus & Geeks are virgins - Oh this made us laugh. Otakus and geeks are far from virgins. Trust us the otakus and geeks of the world, have sex as much as anyone else maybe even more.

8. All Cosplayers are losers with no lives - Do people not dress up for Halloween? Do people not dress up for a Masquerade party? Do people dress up for acting? Are these people losers? No! Cosplay is about becoming a character, nothing wrong with that.

9. Geeks only socialize on social networks - Another one that made us laugh. Who thinks of this stuff? Anyway geeks have friends outside the net. Most geeks for that matter we are pretty sure of that.

10. Geeks and Otakus finish last - Most Otakus and Geeks are pretty successful in life, marriage and careers. This is one can rest in peace.

We wasn't going to post all the stereotypes we received. However keep in a mind in order for a stereotype to be true, it must applied to everyone who is targeted. Feel free to list more stereotypes in the comment section. Stay Smart!