Vampire Knight Fanfic Ch. 2

As we last left off, I entered Cross Academy and met some interesting people. There is something about this place I can’t put my finger on. Although I have a feeling I will get my answer sooner than later.
2nd Day
(Insert song Beautiful Day by India. Arie)
Anime Angel: (singing the song) “…Wake up in the morning and get out of bed, start making a mental fist in my head, of all the things that I am grateful for. Early in the morning, dawn of a new day, new hopes, new dreams, new ways…”
(Hears knocks on the door and stops singing).
Anime Angel: Yes, who is it?
Yuki: It’s me Yuki. Is it okay for me to come in?
Anime Angel: Of course Yuki. Come on in.
(Yuki opens the door and steps inside).
Anime Angel: What’s that in your arms?
Yuki: This is your school uniform. You are now officially in the Day Class with Zero and I.
Anime Angel: Awesome I can’t wait.
Yuki: That’s good to hear. Most people aren’t very enthusiastic about school. You’re actually the first one I met who is like that.
Anime Angel: (I don’t know if I should take that as a compliment…). Well I just hope the class well treat me the same.
Yuki: Oh right aren’t you from America? Your not really accustomed to Japan yet are you?
Anime Angel: That’s correct. That’s why I’m kind of nervous about going to class. I can really be self conscious around people and new surroundings.
Yuki: Like I said to you last night, we don’t bite. Trust me the class is going to love you. Now put on this uniform and go to the chairman’s office in 20 minutes.
Anime Angel: Ok see you later.
(Yuki puts the clothes on the bed and closes the door. I look at the uniform folded on the bed. “I hope I can get along with everyone. Also (I clench my arms tight), I just hope nobody finds out about my secret, at least not yet”).
20 minutes later…
(I knock on the chairman’s door and the door opens).
Chairman: Wow Angel-kun. You look so kawaii!
Anime Angel: (Starts to blush) Th-ank you. Anyway Yuki said that I needed to come here. Did you want to talk to me about something?
Chairman: No need to be alert. I just wanted to tell you to have a wonderful first day here. And also a promotion.
Anime Angel: Promotion? But I don’t work for you.
Chairman: Well now you do. You are now a prefect for Cross Academy.
Anime Angel: (Don’t you have to mention to someone if they’re getting you a job? Will I really have time to do my studies and be a prefect?)
Outside in the courtyard, Yuki, Zero, and the chairman decided to fill me in on what being a prefect is all about and show me my new weapon.
Anime Angel: So are you telling me that I have to protect the Night Class from the Day Class because the Night Class is full of vampires?
Chairman: Yes I know it sounds strange but it is the truth.
Anime Angel: No it’s not that I don’t believe you; it’s because I do believe you. So Yuki and Zero have been protecting the Day and Night Class since the school opened?
Yuki: Yep.
Zero: …
Chairman: Well enough about that. Here is your new weapon.
Anime Angel: Oh My God!
(In the chairman’s hands were a bow and a sack full of arrows. How did he know I was an archer? It’s beautiful. Both the bow and arrows are a beautiful light blue).
Chairman: This is your weapon named Artemis
Anime Angel: Artemis.
Chairman: Take it.
(He hands me the weapon. And so I tried it out on a tree as my target. It was a bulls eye).
Chairman: Wow. That was…
Yuki: (glomping me) That was so cool Angel!
Anime Angel: Thanks.
Zero: I guess you’re not useless after all.
Anime Angel: So the man of no words finally speaks.
Yuki: Don’t be so rude Zero. I think it’s impressive. She will be a major help in the future.
Zero: Pff. Whatever. (To me). Don’t screw up.
Anime Angel: (Well our partnership got off to a rocky start). Thanks I will enjoy working with you too. (Rolls eyes).
Chairman: Don’t worry about him. He’s always in a sour mood. Come on we have to
Anime Angel: Ok coming. (turns to chairman and bows) Thank you very much for everything. (turns and runs after Yuki)
Chairman: No problem. Oh and don’t forget you start working tonight! What a sweet girl.
Later that night
Anime Angel: (WTH. I haven’t been this tired since I had a bad nightmare about there being a sequal of Dragonball Evolution. Anyway I just hope I can stay awake.
Yuki: Yay! So here we are working as prefects. Oh here is your band so people will know you are a prefect.
Anime Angel: Thanks. (How in the hell is she so energetic? After the school day we had).
Zero: I don’t know why the Chairman wants you to work with us. I have no time for babysitting. I get enough of that from Yuki.
Anime Angel: (Zero you know you are very good looking, and smart, but right about know I want to punch you. But I’m too tired and I need my strength for later).
Yuki: Hey! (punch). It doesn’t matter now. She’s here and that’s that.
Zero: Pff whatever.
(Winds start to blow and I felt a sudden rush of energy).
Anime Angel (O.o Well Zero still doesn’t know the rules of being polite or subtlety). It’s fine Yuki. I will show him what I’m all about in a few seconds.
Zero: What do you…?
Anime Angel: Three, two, one…
(Girl screams)
Anime Angel: Told you so.
To Be Continued…