Legends Of Wrestlemania Review

Legends Of Wrestlemania brought back some of the best moments in WWE history. Moments such as Hogan vs Andre The Giant, Hogan vs The Ultimate Warrior and many more. Legends Of Wrestlemania was made as a lover letter to the legends and the pay per view itself. However does this trip down memory lane worth the purchase? Or should we lay the Smackdown on this game?

Story - There isn't a story mode here in Legends Of Wrestlemania. However there is a mode called Relive, Re-imagine and Re-Do. In the Relive section you are able relive some of the great matches at Wrestlemania. Some matches are Hogan vs Andre The Giant, Bret Hart Vs Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart and many more. Re-Imagine you choose a Wrestlemania match listed and it's completly different. For example they have Bret Hart vs Yokozua in a Steel Cage at WM9. Re-Do is just letting the other guy who lost win.

Gameplay - The gameplay in Legends Of Wrestlemania is very unique, but disappointing. Unlike Smackdown this gameplay has a lot of limitations. For one to do your finisher you have to go through a quick time event. If you press the wrong button you have to rebuild your finisher meter. That tends to be a pain in the ass, especially when you face human opponents. The controls feel very stiff and the action is very slow. There is also limitations in Match Types. For example the Hell In Cell you are not able to climb back up, after you come down. The ladder match is really limited it shouldn't be in the game. You can't hit the guy with the ladder when they are on the ground. How do you take something so basic as that out. The game is heavy on Quick Time Events. Irish whip them there is quick time of event. Here is an example video of the gameplay. There are a few good points you are able to import wrestlers on Smackdown Vs Raw to give you a bigger roster. Online play you have the same options but no Royal Rumble which would be cool. The created wrestler feels like a direct import from Smackdown.

Gameplay Video

Graphics - The graphics are the same as Samckdown Vs Raw. I find the fans and the stadium to be a little less good to look at. However Wrestlemania 10stadium is wonderful. The designs of certain guys like Hogan I felt were way to buff.

Sound - The sound is good. The music is always on point and you can have custom soundtracks. The broadcast team of J.R. and King are always on point especially in Re-Live mode. The crowd brings the chants when it's needed.

Replay Value - Unless you have a friend to play and do the wonderful Royal Rumble match. Legends Of Wrestlemania has little replay value. With clunky gameplay and not much modes to offer, you won't be returning.

Final Grade -
Legends Of Wrestlemania gets a C- With a clunky controls and limitations this is a clear rental.