(Justin's Clothing)

This year the sis and I are going to the New York Anime/Comic Con. However we won't be in Cosplay. Instead we decided to represent our favorite shows, by wearing custom clothes. is a wonderful site to get the job done. My brother order a beautiful Egyptian shirt of the Ankenaten the Egyptian Pharoah (since we are Ethiopian Egyptian). I love the quality so I figured let me give it a try. Here is just a little taste of the site, and what I'm ordering.

Second Summer Of Love Shirt

Justin - One of my Anime favorite shows is Eureka Seven and this is the first shirt I ordered. I love Renton and Eureka story and the picture is so wonderful.

Solider First Class

Justin - I love Cloud from FF7 even though he is a little emo for me. However I love that line Solider First Class.

Final Fantasy 13 Hat

Justin - I saw you can customize hats too so I did an Final Fantasy 13 one. The logo looks perfect.

Robotech Defense Force Logo Short Sleeve Shirt

Justin - Join the RDF squad.

RDF Hoodie in Black