Young Justice Outsiders 3 ep review


Hey O&G fans, the wait is over and Young Justice season 3 is finally here! We first met Young Justice’s team of sidekicks almost ten years ago, they were still side kicks trying to be independant heroes of their own. Young Justice  gave each of its young heroes arcs of personal growth and evolution. The stories made it clear why certain characters simply had to figure out who they were outside of their relationships with the Justice Leaguers.

Now fast forward two years after the REACH Invasion was stopped, the team goes through another change. NightWing takes a break from the team leaving Aqua-Lad (now Aqua Man) to lead the team. The team has added members as well as lost some ( Kid Flash-Dead which resulted in Artimis retiring). The Young team also now shares the watch tower with the rest of the Justice League, giving them access to everything and everyone.


Season 3 starts with an unresolved issue from Season 2, Meta human trafficking. Children are still being abducted and used in experiments to bring out their meta gene, so they can be sold as weapons to the highest bidder. Nightwing  has been investigating and shutting down facilities on his own with help from Oracle, but needs extra help to find the real source.  So he recruits former members of both JLA YJ for his mission.


After the first 3 eps. I feel they are taking this series down a darker path than the first 2 seasons and so far they are doing an awesome job. Betrayal, loss, and minor defeats, each member of the team is being tested. I don’t want give too much away because  it is worth the watch. In the first episode alone you can see more than few side stories developing that are episodes themselves. Overall the series is off to a good start. My next review will be after episode 12 half way through the season to see if it keeps the same pace.