Latest Worx Tools - Convertible Jigsaw to Recip Saw?!?

Latest Worx Tools - Convertible Jigsaw to Recip Saw?!?

The latest Worx tools is all about saving space or working double-duty.

I've never seen a tool transform like this one, but their Axis saw changes shape between a jig and a reciprocating saw - which is an odd thing because traditionally, one is used for tightly controlled cutting and shaping while the other is used for demolition. This tool purportedly can do both and comes with four different blades depending on usage.

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Lenovo Yoga 920 Flagship 2-in-1


Produced by Young Jeohn

The Yoga 920 is Lenovo's flagship 2-in-1 laptop/tablet. It's designed to be a super slim, light and portable laptop (not as a heavy-duty workstation). But having said that, it's got an updated Kabylake R Intel processor with 4 cores and 2 thunderbolt ports for power, I/O and video.

Highlights include their signature watchband hinge, an all aluminum build and your choice of either a 4K or Full HD display with slim bezel. The webcam has been moved back to the top from their previous version and has the addition of a touch fingerprint sensor and updated touchpad and keyboard.

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Event: Pepcom 2017, New York City

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