Review: Powers Pilot Ep.


Hey Otakus and Geeks fans, tonight at midnight the Playstation network released the first three episodes from season one of Powers. Before I get to the review here is a brief synopsis of the series.

Powers, an edgy dramatic series, follows the lives of two homicide detectives, Christian Walker
and Deena Pilgrim, who are assigned to investigate cases involving people with superhuman
abilities, referred to as “Powers.” Set amidst today’s paparazzi culture, Powers asks the questions,
what if the world was full of superheroes who aren’t actually heroic at all? What if all that power
was just one more excuse for mischief, mayhem, murder, and endorsement deals?

REVIEW: You might not be familiar with the comic book series written by Written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Michael Avon Oeming for Image comics in 2000. Powers is an examination of how superheroes might work in the real world. The series follows Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley) a former Superhero (Diamond) who lost his powers in a violent fight with his mentor Wolfe. After is partner is killed processing a criminal with powers, he is given a new partner Deena Pilgrim (Susan Heyward), she the daughter of a legendary lawman.

Like most pilot episode, Powers spends some time telling the back story of the main character. The dark and horrible past of Christian Walker and how he copes with everyday life as a normal human. The pilot episode will drag a bit, but keeps you interested enough to the end and curious enough to want to see the next episode ( Which is really good). One thing I like about this series is its rated R theme. It has violent real life situation (cursing included) that makes me say "this is how Heroes return series should be".

There are multiple powers in the series, teleportation, strength, flight, armor suits, laser eye beams, light manipulation and levitation. In this first episode we learn powers are the way to fame and fortune. The better the powers the bigger the fame. The younger generation is heavily influenced by this concept.

Overall it looks like Sony has a hit so far. If you like Arrow, The Flash, or the Walking Dead, this is a series you should check out. The first three of ten episodes will arrive on the PlayStation Network on Tuesday, March 10th (around midnight), and the following seven will be released in order, with a new episode every Tuesday. PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to watch the whole season for free. The pilot will also be available outside PSN, for free, at

By Sean Tucker

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