Live-Action Series from Nerdist, ORBITAL REDUX

Live-Action Series from Nerdist, ORBITAL REDUX

Nerdist and Alpha, Legendary Digital Networks' interactive streaming platform, reveal their upcoming original sci-fi series, Orbital Redux. Orbital Redux airs as eight weekly episodes performed and live streamed in real-time with actor Yuri Lowenthal (Marvel's Spider-man, Young Justice, Ben 10, Naruto) as the story's spaceship pilot protagonist. The show even invites Alpha members to help shape the storyline as the series progresses.

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How Do Quicksilver Listen To Music?

Super speeders are everywhere these days, they spend their time zipping around while fighting bad guys and LISTENING TO MUSIC? How is this possible? On today’s Because Science Kyle Hill of Nerdist explores how X-Men: Days of Future Past’s Quicksilver perceives sound in the latest edition of Because Science.  This was really cool and interesting check out the video below. Visit for more Because Science from Kyle Hill.

'BATMAN's PARENTS AREN'T DEAD!' A short film from Nerdist!

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That's the premise of a new Nerdist short film that finding Thomas and Martha showing up at Wayne Manor to reveal they're really alive and faked their death because they owned Carmine Falcone money. Batman took care of that problem, so now they're back.

If you like Batman and you like giggling, you’ll probably get a kick out of Batman’s Parents Aren’t Dead. Written by The Thrilling Adventure Hour‘s Ben Acker & Ben Blacker from a story by Nerdist’s Ben Mekler & Andrew Bowser, and featuring members of the Workjuice Players including Mark Gagliardi as Bruce Wayne, Marc Evan Jackson as Thomas Wayne, Paget Brewster as Martha Wayne, and John Ennis as Alfred, you know you’re in sufficiently awesome Bat-hands.

Check it out:

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