Frozen: The Poster Collection Review

The heartwarming story of two sisters who save their kingdom through their love for each other, Frozen has gained unparalleled popularity and acclaim worldwide. Based on the award-winning animated film, Insight Editions in collaboration with Walt Disney Animation Studios proudly presents Frozen: The Poster Collection (Insight Editions / $24.99 /2015).

Fans of Frozen this is a great collectible for you. Frozen: Poster Collection is a collection of movie posters, character posters and key scenes from the movie. The book contains 40 pages of removable posters filled with epic scenes, characters and artwork. My favorite one has to be the original poster with the three main leads in the front. The poster size are 12 x 16 which is great if you want to frame it for the house or office. With 40 posters to choose from you can definitely get enough for the price of $24.99. This is a great deal for Frozen fans and people who want good artwork.  Check out some of the posters below.

Frozen: The Poster Collection

Reprinted from Frozen: The Poster Collection published by Insight Editions. Copyright © 2015 Disney Publishing Worldwide. All rights reserved.

Final Grade A-/9.5