Elektra or Bullseye: Who should be the Nemesis for Daredevil season 2

Elektra                                                                                                                                            Bullseye

Elektra                                                                                                                                            Bullseye

Hey O&G fans, with the success of Daredevil season 1 on Netflix and the series being green lit for a season 2, who would you like to see the devil of Hells kitchen face off against next? Elektra or Bullseye? Both are one of Daredevils greatest foes at one time ( Elektra eventually becoming an Ally and Lover).  Both are extremely popular with DD fans.

For those who aren't familiar with the characters here is a quick bio:


Elektra Natchios, the daughter of a Greek ambassador, studied the martial arts as an adolescent. While in the US with her father, she began studies in political science at New York's Columbia University. There she met another student, Matthew Murdock, who would later become Daredevil. Murdock revealed to her that he had superhuman senses that compensated for his blindness, and they fell in love. A year later, Elektra and her father were held hostage by terrorists in a building on campus. Wearing a scarf as a mask, Murdock with Elektra's help defeated the terrorists. However, a policeman mistook Elektra's father for one of the terrorists and shot him dead. Emotionally shattered, Elektra decided she no longer believed in the law and wanted to withdraw from the world. She left America and Murdock.

She eventually studied martial arts with a sensei in Japan. She left to join the secret organization of martial artists headed by Stick, who was also Murdock's sensei. She spent a year in Stick's order and greatly developed her martial arts skills. But, Stick asked her to leave the group because she was still filled with pain over her father's death and hatred for the world she blamed for it. Elektra spent years as a bounty hunter and assassin for hire

Elektra was hired by Wilson Fisk, the alleged Kingpin-of-Crime, as his chief assassin. In this role she fought Daredevil and was ordered to kill Matt's best friend and law partner, Franklin "Foggy" Nelson. However, she could not go through with the assassination when Foggy recognized her as "Matt's girl, Elektra." Soon afterward, she fought and was killed byBullseye who sought to reclaim his former position with the Kingpin. Elektra died in Matt Murdock's arms, seemingly lost forever.




A mercenary of mystery, nothing is really known about the man called Bullseye.

Bullseye battles (and defeats) Daredevil at a circus in order to establish his reputation as an extortionist. Shortly after, Daredevil by chance overhears him in the midst of an extortion attempt and captures him. Bullseye is later hired by Maxwell Glenn to kill Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson, and Daredevil interferes. Although Bullseye defeats him again, Daredevil escapes with his life, and Bullseye's professional reputation is damaged as a result. Seeking to regain his credibility, he challenges Daredevil on live television, but is soundly defeated.

*(Side Note) During one of his many fights with Daredevil, Bullseye was drop off a Multi-Story Building and broke all his bones which paralyzed him. Japanese scientist Lord Dark Wind had Bullseye brought to Japan, where he laces his bones with adamantium, thus restoring his mobility.


So now that you know a little history on each character, Who would be a a good  Nemesis in Daredevil season 2. Charlie Cox gave his opinion to IGN “I love Stilt-Man. I love Owlsley. I think in our show we’re more likely to see the likes of Bullseye, The Punisher and Elektra. I don’t know if any of those characters will appear, and also I don’t know what’s going to happen with Wilson Fisk. He’s certainly not out of the picture. Hopefully he’ll come back.”

ELEKTRA would be a front runner to appear in season 2. With Rosario Dawson's (Night Nurse) taking a break from Matt Murdock for a bit, having Elektra come in as his new love interest who later turns into a deadly assassin works great for the series. You could also tie in her training with Sticks and her involvement with his mysterious clan. You could also keep the kingpin's presence  in season 2 to by having him hire Elektra to assassinate Daredevil.

Bullseye is one of Daredevil’s greatest foes, on par with Wilson Fisk. He is a lethal assassin who can make any object into a deadly projectile. Season 2 might showcase some epic battles between Bullseye and Daredevil. Having him as the antagonist also gives the writers the opportunity to have Elektra in the season (Since he kills her in the comic book series). Plus I think fans would love to see Bullseye use various things as a weapon!


So who would you choose? Will it be the sexy assassin or the Precision throwing psychopath? Either way if season 2 of Daredevil is anything like season 1 it will be awesome!


By Sean Tucker