Her Impact! Issue #0 (Manga Review)

Reviewed by Justin D Williams


Sadie Hiroshi, an African-Japanese woman, who took over her father's legacy in boxing. She's a single mother and having a hard time in life with her profession. With these things currently going on in her life, what will be the impact of boxing on her?

Her Impact #0 is a great introduction to a refreshing slice of life Manga. As described in the description above. Her Impact follows the story of protagonist Sadie Hiroshi a woman of African and Japanese descent who is on the verge of following in her father's footsteps in boxing. However, she has a couple of issues that she faces. Sadie works at a job with a boss who belittles his employees, she also is a single mother that she has to take care of a son. One thing I really enjoy about reading this book is the real-life aspects of Sadie character. Sadie is a character anyone can relate too. She is trying her best to provide for her family, she is at a job that pays well but it's not her passion and in someways she feels unfilled. Writer Mikel Miles has a done a great job given us a story that is grounded in reality and gives us a story adult themes and adult situations while at the same being for all ages. 

Like in any visual medium the artwork has to do justice and bring the writing to life. Artist Digitkame has done an amazing job capturing the world that Mikel Miles has written. The panels are beautifully and smoothly drawn and illustrated.  Digitkame makes great use of facial expressions to really hit home the emotions and reactions of each character especially Sadie. Character designs are very detailed especially when it comes to the boxing scenes. The fighters are drawn to show sweat from the fight, abs on the body to show off the training. Nothing is drawn over the top and I really enjoy the more grounded feel of the book.

Overall Her Impact Issue 0 is off to a great start and gives us an introduction to a more grounded slice of life Manga. I' am curious to see if being a single mother will come into play with her career in boxing in later issues. If you are looking for a Manga that is grounded, different and has heart give Her Impact a shot. 

Final Rating: READ IT!