The Ryou’s Work is Never Done Episode 1 (Review)

The Ryou’s Work is Never Done had a pretty entertaining episode one. The show is about a 16 year old Shogi prodigy named Yaichi Kuzuru.


Kuzuru was in an intense “Hikaru no Go” style title match where he took the aide from a young girl named Ai Hinatsuru. This leads him to promise her that he will fulfil any wish she has and she chooses to become his student.

Being that she is young and Japanese and in an anime, she is a prodigy who has been studying Kuzuru’s craft for the three months she’s been waiting to reappear in his life. She has mastered the ‘double wing’ offense (whatever that means) and can already play Shogi matches in her head.

So, naturally, she moves in with him and suddenly there is a 9 year old taking care of a 16 year old because anime reasons. It’s all pretty entertaining and escalates when Kuzuru’s “sister”, Ginko Sora, enters the picture.


Sora is a blue haired (probably) sadist chick who has a key to the house and will quite literally beat the door down. She is bold and beautiful, much like the rest of the cast, and was a welcome disruption to the loli paradise.

Ryou has a major Shogi theme but I think this show will be easy to watch as everything is well explained. I watched this show with four other people and none of us were confused or turned off by the game sequences.

I really look forward to seeing what kind of wacky adventures these characters get into.