Nekocon 2014

Hello everyone. It's becoming the end of the ear and I wanted to hold off this con review for the last con of 2014. (see star for P.S). I  went to Nekocon during the weekend of November 7 through the 9 and it was great.  It was really exciting because I had a few friends who went with me for the first time and they had a ball. So was Nekocon as good as last year? Let us find out.

*P.S I am sorry this is late but school and finals took me away from posting but it works out because it is the end of the year.*

The convention was not bad however, compared to last year, it was lack luster. There were not many panels I went to. In fact I just went to one for there weren't a lot of panels that I was interested in. Although the artist alley and the dealer's room was awesome and I did do some shopping. ^-^ The cosplay however was awesome and as always the guests were interesting and great to their fans. It was also the first time that I got to go to a rave and that was probably the highlight of my weekend. It was fun and my friends had a great time as well.

I took a picture with Todd Haberkorn which can be seen on our Facebook page. He was awesome and sweet.

Here are some photos I took from the con.

Overall the con was okay but I wish that there were more panels and that the voice acting panels were not so late at night (for I missed Todd Haberkorn's panel which I am sorry that I missed it. It looked like fun). It was great having my friends, some who never came to a con, come with me and other friends. It was fun and I can't wait to share the next con I go to in the new year.

Con Rules!!!!!!!