Birthright Vol 2 (Comic Review)

What is the line between fantasy and delusion? In the aftermath of last issue, the Rhodes family is looking for answers...and nothing is what it seems. Now that Mikey has been revealed to be alive. This volume deals with whether the Rhodes family believes it or not. Mikey in the last issue was revealed to alive. He was taken by a race of creatures for he was the chosen one to save their world. Mikey is found in the same spot he disappear by the police. He is much older and appears not to be the same boy that left. The driving force of this volume is how the family deals with Mikey being alive. Each family member deals with it in various ways. Aaron believes Mikey story of being a warrior and is happy to have his name cleared. Mikey's brother and mother are skeptical about it and don't really believe the story. I found Aaron's reaction to be the most interesting. Aaron acts more relieved that his name could be clear than whether this guy is actually Mikey. Seeing this warrior from another planet claiming to Mikey was great. Issue 2 raised many more questions and whether this guy who claims to be Mikey is legit. The backstory of Mikey training was a nice welcome edition and meeting new characters has widen the world. Overall issue 2 expands on the characterization and the plot gets deeper. Readers will love the build up of this series.

Final Grade 8.5/10