Birthright Vol 1 (Comic Review)

For the Rhodes family, losing their son was the most devastating thing that could've ever occurred… but it couldn't prepare them for what happened when he returned. Birthright is one of the surprises of the year. I truly fell in love with the concept and story so far. When Aaron Rhodes is out playing catch with his young son Mikey. Mikey ends up going to the woods and disappears. A frantic search ensues and questions on his disappearence are more than answers. Aaron happy life begins to crumble as his wife, family and neighbors begin to suspect he killed Mikey.

Since there is a huge twist at towards the end, I won't go into more details on the plot. Reading the beginning of the Birthright I thought the comic was going to be a thriller. However the story went from thriller to fantasy and it did with flare. Readers are going to love the characterization of the Rhodes family. Aaron the father who feels gulity of his missing son, his wife who blames Aaron for it all. The older brother who misses his younger brother and still believes he is out there. Each one of the family member has their own demons to face and the first issue illustrates it well. Out of all the characters in volume 1 I found Aaron to be the most interesting. He's a character that blames himself for everything. To see a man who was happy in the beginning and then later hit depression was amazing.

Overall Birthright Vol 1 is a great start to what will be an epic story coming. The twist of Mikey is interesting and I'm curious to see how it will play out. The art style is great and brings the fantasy world to life. The designs of certain characters is pretty cool and it will translate well into live action one day. Birthright is a surprise of the fall season and it's a book you should check out.

Final Grade: 8.5/10