Music Monday Spotlight #3 - L2 and The Music Machine: Bye-Bye

It's been a long time since the last "Music Monday Spotlight" but no worries because today we are bring it back!!! This week we want to bring "Music Monday Spotlight" back hoping that it will continue. We apologize for a long pause but we try to do our best. Today we will be featuring L2 and The Music Machine with there 1st single and 1st video "Bye-Bye, and right bellow the video is some information about who they are and how they started. I hope you guys enjoy this new artist and support them.

L2 and The Music Machine is a U.S. pop duo consisting of producer/songwriter Brinsley Evans and singer/songwriter Lisa Molina. The two hail from New York City. They met when Evans hired Molina to do some vocal session work on some songs he was producing. The two hit it off so well that they soon decided to do some songwriting together. This proved to be a very fortuitous union. The pair ended up placing songs with the likes of John Dahlback, Ultra Nate, Danni Minogue and Mischa Daniels.

Before coming together the two amassed a very extensive resume of work in the entertainment industry. Producer/songwriter Brinsley Evans first came to prominence in the 90s with his group first group Uncanny Alliance. Signed to A&M records the group's debut album, "The Groove Won't Bite" spawned four hit singles including 2 number ones, "I Got My Education" and "I'm Beautiful Damn It." His song "Happy Day" received great exposure after being featured prominently in the Adam Sandler film Happy Gilmore, during the famous miniature golf scene.

He then went on to write the #1 world wide smash Make the World Go Round by Sandy B. The song was a hit all over Europe and earned Evans an ASCAP Rhythm and Soul award for the Top Dance Song of the year in the U.S. This would be the first of four ASCAP awards that Evans would eventually win. His follow up single with Sandy B, "Ain't no need to hide", was also a smash and followed its predecessor straight to #1. Evans has written with and produced a Who's Who of artists in the music in the street including, Bette Midler, Taylor Dane, Michelle Williams, Judy Torres, Laura Branigan, Janice Robinson, Ultra Nate, RuPaul, Chris Willis,(lead vocalist for David Guetta), Joy Cardwell, Jill Jones, John Dahlback, Misha Daniels, Kristine W, the list goes on and on. He has amassed 20 top 40 dance hits including 5 #1's.

Vocalist Lisa Molina was born in Cincinnati Ohio. She has resided in many places as a child, until her family finally settled in New York. A child prodigy, Molina started performing at a very early age. She appeared in many pageants and talent shows before finally ending up and on Broadway, performing the role Melanie in the Broadway musical, The Goodbye Girl starring Martin Short and Bernadette Peters.

After the run of the show Molina began honing her skills in the recording studio and soon became a very in demand session singer. She is the voice behind hundreds of different jingles, anything from Barbie, Cabbage Patch Kids, AT&T, Kids R Us, Pound Puppies, Magic Trolls, to new toys such as Blinkys and the Galaxy Girls.

It was during this time that Molina also started recording and writing with some of the hottest names and dance music. Working with producers Norty Cotto, Jason Nevins, Evans, Count de Money, Molina co wrote and sang on countless hits. Some of those hits include the Holly James song, "I'm In Heaven,” which peaked at number 9 on the UK top 10 singles chart, Danny Minogue's "Touch Me Like That", #1 on the UK dance charts and I'll Be Your Freak, #3 on the Billboard club play chart. She also along with Evans, co wrote and sang backgrounds on four songs for vocalist Ultra Nate's Hero Worship album. The tracks include "Turn it up, Hey DJ, No Wasted Hearts and "Everybody loves the night". Turn it up when on to become Nate's 18th top 10 dance hit, peaking at #4 on the Billboard dance club play chart.

Once they decided to put all outside writing on hold and concentrate on their group the two decided that they wanted to do things a little differently. They admired the way videos like "Gangnam Style" and "What Does the Fox Say" married the comedy aspect of things and music together. 

They thought how great would it be to take our comedy ideas for a spin in our videos, but also have really solid pop songs that would stand on their own aside from the video? Viola! Pop/dance music comedy magic! The two have over 40 songs recorded for their upcoming albums. They've hand picked their favorites for their upcoming EP release. Their first video and single Bye-Bye, sets the tone for exactly what they want to accomplish with the project.

The pair wanted to capture an old school slapstick, sketch comedy Benny Hill type vibe for the video. Something really outlandish and off-the-wall, that you don't see enough of nowadays. Yet they also wanted you to be able to close your eyes and hear a catchy pop tune. "Mission accomplished".