Lenni Reviews: My Love Story vol 1 by Kazune Kwahara and Aruko

Takeo Goda and Makoto Sunagawa are best friends and couldn't me more opposite. Takeo is tall and super strong where Makoto is a classic pretty boy. Since they were children, Takeo has watched Makoto reject every girl to confess their love to him and has always been ignored by girls homself. But when Takeo saves a girl named Yamamoto from being harassed on a train; he sees his chance to finally get his best friend to accept the young lady's very obvious crush. But is Makoto the one she wants?

I was hooked on this manga right away, identifying with Takeo as I've always been the awkward friend to the pretty girls who get all the boys. Takeo is just the biggest damn sweetheart ever with a great best friend and hopefully a steady nice girlfriend. This manga is all about not judging people on their appearances; even the pretty ones.

Aruko's art is perfect shojou style, right down to the hilarious super-deformed panels and flowy character design. Aruko and Kawakara have crafted an adorable young love story and I look forward to volume 2. If you're looking for a cute story with very relatable characters, for $9.99, you can't go wrong.

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