Interview With Mike Tyson

We had a chat with the one and only Iron Mike Tyson this about his upcoming show at "Mike Tyson Mysteries" which will air on Adult Swim on Monday October 27th 2014. Mike talks about the concept of the show and more.

Otakus & Geeks: How does it feel to have your own cartoon series?

Mike Tyson: I just know I'm not in trouble now (laughs). I can cursed on the show and not get a bad write up. I would have never thought in hundreds and hundreds of years I will be a cartoon character. 

Otakus & Geeks: Did you have any input on what characters will be on the show?

Mike Tyson: No they already came with me with a script with a variety cast of characters. I have an adopted Chinese daughter who I realized she is Korean. A ghost who helps us out and a very fouled mouth pigeon and we solve mysteries.

Otakus & Geeks: Since this show is based on solving mysteries is there any mysteries that you would like to solve?

Mike Tyson: I would like to find Alexander The Great tomb. I think that will be a cool episode.

Otakus & Geeks: There is going to be a lot of villain doers on the show. Is there any past opponents like a fake Buster Douglas that will appear on the show?

Mike Tyson: That will actually be awesome if that happen but no and you can't forget my ex wife to that list (laughs).

Otakus & Geeks: Is there any celebrity friends or people past and present that you would like to see on the show?

Mike Tyson: Bobby Brown! I had so much fun doing the "Every Little Step I Take" video and it will be fun to have on the show.

Otakus & Geeks: You have done it all. You have been a world champion, you're a WWE Hall of Famer, and now an actor. What advice can you give to your fans who want to pursue their dreams.

Mike Tyson: Just never quit, don't listen to anybody who tell you can't do anything. Developed a form of discipline and learn to do what you hate but do it like you love it and just never give up. I realize it's all about discipline and if you have no discipline you are nothing. 

Otakus & Geeks: If you back in time to 1985 and had a choice of being a boxer or the entertainer which one would you choose?

Mike Tyson: It will have to both. There is no way I will able to do this if I wasn't able to box and face fear. I wouldn't be able to overcome the adversity that I had. Adversity makes the strong stronger and the weak and weaker. You have to endure adversity and struggle because without those two there is no progress.

Otakus & Geeks: Since we on the topic of fear. Do you ever get afraid or nervous especially with this new show and voice acting? 

Mike Tyson: I'm always afraid it's a human to be a afraid, but it's not productive to be intimidating. Intimidation prevents you from performing at the highest level. Fear is good intimidation is bad.