TNT looking to make Dick Grayson (Robin) Series

Looks like TNT is jumping on the Super Hero train. With the success of shows like Arrow and the development of shows like Gotham and Constatine it was only a matter of time before the sidekicks of DC got their chance to take on the small screen. DC previously announced that there is a Super Girl pilot in the mix but for Batman fans nothing is more exciting then the possibility of finally seeing a Dick Grayson in live action.

Arguable the greatest Robin of all time Dick Grayson was born into a circus family. Their specialty was the trapeze and their act was called the Flying Graysons. After refusing to pay Tony Zucco, a ruthless Gotham gangster known for following through on his threats, Grayson's parents are both killed in a freak accident in the middle of their performance. Left without family Dick Grayson is eventually adopted by Bruce Wayne who sympathizes with his need to find justice for the death of his parents. Eventually Dick Grayson becomes the first of many Robins, serving as Batman's number 1 sidekick.

The pilot being developed for TNT will focus on Grayson's life after Robin and his journey in both becoming Nightwing and his struggle to define himself as a solo Superhero. Akiva Goldsman, known for I Am Legend and A Beautiful Mind,  and Marc Haimes, are working on the script as well as co-producing the project. While the pilot will center around Grayson, it will also be derived from the Teen Titans story line. They are hoping to include other sidekicks like Donna Troy (Wonder Girl), Wally West (Kid Flash),  Roy Harper (Speedy) and Garth (Aqualad). There will be no cross over of plot lines or actors from the current CW series.

Looks like DC is going full speed ahead with television projects. Only time will tell if they become as successful as their current installments.

By Milly