World of Tanks Blitz Review

Do you like shooting games? Do you like Tanks?  Well lucky for you the developers from made a game for you. World of Tanks is the latest mobile game from How does the game hold up? Is this worth checking out? Or should you give this war game a treaty?

First I must say this game really wowed me. That is all due to the amazing graphics and controls of the game. I played the game for a a couple of days and now I'm hook. I love the fact that they gave you a quick tutorial on how to play the game. I found this useful because it gave me time to get a feel for the game. While the graphics are great for a mobile platform, the controls on the iPhone 5 was difficult. The controls feels like it was designed for a bigger screen or platform. However if you play this on an iPad mini or even the regular iPad this game is just wow.

This game is really addicting and you keep playing it over and over. If you're a fan of tanks and shooting you might want to check it out. The only downfall of this game was it's a little to slow framerate wise from time to time. The game play of using strategy and planning things out, making sure you get the right equip upgrade before battles is really great. The battle itself play out well. I just didn't like the fact that the tanks move slow. 

But that just me. So if you ask me what I will have this game?

This game gets a 8.5/10

Great graphics

Great control

Great concept

Totally a dream game for tanks lover and shooting game fanatic.