Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rechargable Speaker from eKids.com

Are you a fan of TMNT? Do you like music? Well, lucky for you!!! eKids has done it again. If you love TMNT check out eKids.com for their new TMNT rechargeable speakers. These small speakers are great for a desk speaker and at the same time you can show off how much you like TMNT. They have all four characters so you can pick your favorite turtle The other great thing about this speaker is the price, for $24.99 it's not bad. (also check out amazon.com for cheaper price) The quality of the sound is not the greatest if you're going compare it to Boombotix or Beats. But for a small desk speaker and for the price you pay for its worth it. The design of this speaker is also really great. I love the detail of each turtle. Check out the pics below.