Vanguard Princess Spotlight

Vanguard princess is a 2-D fighter with a full roster of interesting female characters that has just made it to steam through greenlight. Originally released in 2009 built in 2-D Fighter Maker vanguard princess is on steam for $4.99 (U.S.D) and worth checking out. The centerpiece to this game is really the fluidity and design of the sprites, which is no surprise considering Tomoaki Sugeno spearheaded this project and yes the game is very ecchi but you know what your getting into. While the controls and button mapping are kinda wonky and need some work, it is still a cool fighter where all of the cast has a unique style of fighting that helps every character stand out from the bunch. Vanguard Princess is an interesting take on 2-D fighters with stunning sprites that deserves some love check it out on steam here.

Also comment below with your steam username we will be giving away Vanguard Princess to three readers!