Lenni Reviews: The Stolen: An American Faerie Tale by Bishop O'Connell

Caitlin comes home to a parent's worst nightmare, her child being kidnapped. What's worse, it's by fairies. A chance encounter at an art gallery brings the one person best suited to help get her daughter back; a berzerker warrior named Brendon. With him, a wizard named Eddie, and the magister of the Rogue Court, Dante; they embark on a multi-world mission to rescue Caitlin's daughter, Fiona, from the dark fae.

Again, another author spots my weakness; dark fantasy. There's a bit of a ramble getting the adventure started and small dragging moments in the narrative, but not a character is wasted here. You feel for all of them; Brendon's heartache, Caitlin's panic, Eddie's resolve, and Dante's sense of responsibility and loyalty. Learning and interacting with all the different kinds of fae as they journey to save Fiona, is handled in context and quickly. There isn't any long exposition or chapter breaks to describe each type of creature. You learn what you need to know at the time and the rest of the time is spent on the adventure itself. I don't personally mind such things but some do.

How it all worked out was unexpected and I was very pleased with that. The way everything was connected at the end wasn't so much as a surprise but it seemed fitting. It wasn't neat, it wasn't pretty, it wasn't happily ever after; but it fit. This counts for a lot in these days of cookie cutter paranormal romances flooding the market. An ending in a fantasy grounded in reality (somewhat) is a breath of fresh air.

I certainly hope this book has a sequel. The writing is efficient and crisp; I dived right into this world and I'm curious to see where things go from here. I would love to see this expanded and with such efficient writing, it leaves me wondering what O'Connell could do with this world next. 

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