TMNT: The Ultimate Visual History Review

Title: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Ultimate Visual History
Author: Andrew Farago
Pages: 192 + 23 inserts
Price: $50

Beside from being a gamer, a huge anime lover there is one other property that I hold close to my heart. A franchise I grew up with from the early 90's. I remember bugging my mother for anything that was associated with these heroes on the half shell. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has been part of my entertainment life as long as videogames, anime and the WWE. I had turtle toys, turtle bedsheets and even turtle underwear (of course as a kid). My elementary school picture had the Ninja Turtles as the background (see our Facebook page later). Needless to say I was a turtle maniac just like so many eighties babies who grew up in the 90's. I was infamous for eating nothing but pizza and turtle cereal, and when I went to get ice cream from the ice cream man it was Ninja Turtles (bring back those ice cream bars Mr. Softy). Now that my nostalgic geek trip of turtle mania is over. I can proudly say that the new book "TMNT: The Ultimate Visual History" is a must have for turtle fans. If I would describe this book in one word, the word would be appreciation.

Author Andrew Farago and his team has put a lot of work into this book. This book covers nearly every single aspect of TMNT existence. The book covers from the humble beginnings of Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird to the new reboot filmed produce by Michael Bay. For non turtle maniacs the chance to learn about the creators and their inspiration on the turtles was one of the highlights of the book. With Andrew Farago delivery of words and visual pictures of concept art to go with it you really gain respect and admiration for Eastman and Laird journey.  However this isn't just a book that tells the story of how the turtles were created. The book also packs a K.O. punch full of content covering each generation carnation of the ninja turtles, from the early comics, to the hit 90's show and movies to the reboot franchise with Nickelodeon. It also includes
special removable items include:

•Fan club letters
•The first press release from Mirage Studios
•A complete reprint of the very first TMNT comic book
•A poster of the book cover, specially created by Kevin Eastman and legendary TMNT artist Ryan Brown

Not only is the information provided by Farago very valuable, but the inclusion of concept arts, actual television, comics and film scripts only sweetens the deal. There is one picture in the book that nearly had me in tears. It's a picture of the staff of the 90's turtles cartoon and seeing James Avery and Rob Paulsen was overwhelming me with nostalgia. Each chapter is detail with information and stories that I even didn't know about it. I would love to see a TMNT documentary next with this book used as a reference or inspiration. Overall this is a book that you must own if you're a turtle fan. It truly is a love letter to the creators, fans and staff who had taken part in this legendary franchise. Get your pizza, put on the classic 90's tunes or ost soundtrack sit back and relax. This book really kicks some shell it's turtle time!

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Final Grade: A+/9.5