Anime For Newcomers

So much anime, so little time. It can be overwhelming for a newcomer to enjoy anime because some don't know where to begin. Well I am here to tell any newcomers who are just new into anime, some choices I know will help you get a feel for what is to come within the realm of anime. Some may disagree with my list but that is fine. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. These are just my choices and is in no way a reflection on anyone else on the site. So let's begin.

1. Most or All of Hayao Miyazaki Films
     In order to get into the animation of anime, I feel that Mr. Miyazaki films are the best way to start. His stories are timeless, heartfelt, fun, and beautiful. His animation in all of his movies show both the realistic and whimsical aspect of the world and characters. I definitely recommend people seeing "Spirited Away" and "Howl's Moving Castle". Those are my two favorite films by Mr. Miyazaki.

 2. Mamoru Hosoda's "Summer Wars" and "Wolf Children"
       I have never seen such great animation and story lines that is next to my heart with Mr. Miyazaki. Mr. Hosoda's two stories about family and growing up in society is great and its a good set of movies to show anybody who wants to get into anime. I almost cried with "Wolf Children" and "Summer Wars" was another heartfelt story that must be shared. I highly recommend these movies. You won't regret it.

3. "Chrono Crusade"
     In my earlier days of being a writer for OtakusandGeeks, I wrote a review about an anime called "Chrono Crussade" and I mentioned that I cried at the end of the series. The story line was so good and the two main characters will keep you watching from beginning to end. It's also a great love story, plenty of action and drama with comedy. It's another anime for people for the beginners to the experienced anime lovers.

 4. "Ouran High School Host Club"
       So Ouran leans more towards girls however, guys will be able to get into it as well. Trust me its a sweet story. The characters are likable and there are many stories centered on more than one theme. It sounds mushy but it has a lot of heart and comedy. In fact Kyoya is my favorite host and you will see why as you watch the show.

5. "Cowboy Beebop"
      How can I forget one of the classics. "Cowboy Beebop" gives enough sci-fi western action, adventure, heart, and comedy to last you a while. I first saw this anime on Adult Swim, back in the days of watching through the Toonami block to see more anime late at night. You won't regret watching this and they call it a classic for a reason. "See ya Space Cowboy".

If you have anymore suggestions or I missed a show, comment below. Anime Rules!!! ^-^