The World According to Spider-Man Review

Every wonder what it's like to be Spider-Man? Ever wonder what it's like to be a superhero. The World According to Spider-Man does just that. Written by author Daniel Wallace, the book takes you a guide on how to be a superhero according to our favorite neighborhood webslinger. Wallace has written a book that is witty, fresh and does justice to Spider-Man. The World According To Spider-Man also contains some cool facts such as Peter Parker's report card. I found it ironic that Spider-Man would get C- in gym. However I guess that was to not bring any suspicion onto him that he is Spider-Man.

The highlight of the book is when Spider-Man gives the reader tips on how to be a hero. He gives you insight on proper costume choices, breaking down the difference between super villians and regular crooks. He even gives you tips on balancing a love life when one is a superhero. Check out this hilarious conversation he has with M.J. below to see what I mean.

Superhero Problems
Overall if you love Spidey you will love this witty look into his world. Author Daniel Wallace does a great job of giving you Spidey's persona in this book. If you're a fan of the webslinger than this will be great to add to your collection. It's short, sweet and straight to the point. There is even a surprise cameo by a nemesis giving you his views on superheroes. This book is a winner. Suit up spidey fans.