Pandora: End of Days Vol 1 & 2 (Manga Review)

Title - Pandora: End of Days Vol 1 & Vol 2
Author - Peter J. Ang
Illustrator - Jin Song Kim
Pages - 200

Story - The most amazing archaeological discovery of our time-- a sarcophagus from an ancient civilization that predates the Egyptian Pyramids by more than fifty thousand years--is being broadcast as a live public exhibit on national TV. But in their haste to reveal a glimpse of what could be the origin of mankind, the scholars of the OBARI Foundation instead unleash an ancient plague upon the modern world. This is the age-old story of the curious--and of those who must race to close the door on what should never have been opened . . .
If you're a fan of apocalyptic stories like Resident Evil, High School of The Dead and various other end of days tales this one might be for you. Unlike other zombie stories where the origin of the outbreak is unknown. Pandora makes the outbreak clear in the first volume. As stated in the synoposis an archaeological discovery is found by the company Obari. The company is in a rush to display the discovery to the world, however nobody but one professor is aware of it's contents. The professor tries to warn his fellow collegues not to open the artifact but they refuse to listen. Fast forward to the presentation the artifact is open and a ancient creature is found. From that point on all hell breaks loose. For the sake of spoilers I won't go into more detail about the plot. However I will say that right from the beginning the story grabs you and doesn't let go. Intense is a word that comes to mind when I think of Pandora: End of Days. The story has two great main leads Jet a miltary solider trying to survive this outbreak and protect his team. Jet reminded me a lot of Leon S. Kenndey from Resident Evil. His characteristics are of a man who is noble, willing to do what he must to survive but clearly lives by a strict moral code.

The other main protagonist is Katie the daughter of the professor that was aware of the outbreak. I like how Katie's character was written and the way she is introduce. We first meet Katie hours later into the outbreak, she is on a mission to find her father and retrieve a flash drive with vital information on the outbreak. Not to compare this series to Resident Evil but Katie reminded a lot of Claire. She's a woman put in a horrible situation looking for a family member and ends up meeting someone of the law Jet. The relationship between Katie and Jet is not fully explored in the first two volumes as the first two volumes are served as an introduction. However both characters have a sense of purpose and a goal to not only survive but to find the answers to the sarcophagus. If I have one complaint is the lack of backstory on the two main leads. We get a sense of the characters ideals and moral code but who are they? How did Jet get into the miltary? Where is Katie's mother? These type of questions I hope will be answered in future volumes. Overall the story is on the right path to being a great series. It has a different take on the zombie apocalypse, has likeable characters and it's set in present day New Jersey.

Art - The art style is simply amazing. Pandora: End of Days pays a lot of attention to detail. Usually in a standard comic book there panel are divided five per page. However Pandora usually splits their pages two panels each. This gives much more room for details and makes the story that much more intense. The little details like the comics own version of Twitter on a person's computer is really appericated and allows the reader to be immerse in the world more.

Final Grade B+/8.5: Pandora: End of Days Vol 1 and 2 is a great read. The premise of a doomsday
is set, the main cast is in place but needs to be developed more. This take on a zombie apocalypse is refreshing and it's nice to know the origin of the outbreak.