A Few Reasons Andrea Should Still Be Alive on The Walking Dead Show

I' am a huge fan of The Walking Dead show. I love what the show has done so far. However there is one thing I didn't like about the show and that was how Andrea was portrayed on the show. This has nothing to do with Laurie Holden who played Andrea. This has to do with how the show and the people behind the scenes decided what direction Andrea would go. One thing I hear from people is that they're happy Andrea is dead. I usually ask them after that statement if they ever read the comics. Usually the response to that question is no. The Andrea that appear on the show is a totally different character from the Andrea that appears in the comics. From this point on the article will contain spoilers from the comics and the show. If you don't want spoilers from the comics and television show STOP NOW!

One complaint many had with Andrea was her relationship with The Governor. Many people hated how blinded she was not seeing how evil he was. The Andrea in the comics would've suspected The Governor right away. The Andrea in the comics is a strong woman, opinonated and very smart. She is a key figure and voice in the group. Andrea on the show was very weak minded, made careless mistakes and fans really couldn't connect with her. Regardless on how Andrea was portrayed on the show I feel that she was killed prematurely. Andrea on the show didn't really get a chance to develop into the bad ass fans of the comics know her for. Here is a couple of reasons why Andrea should have lived.

Romantic Relationship With Rick
When Andrea was killed off on the show I immediately said well I guess Rick will find solace somewhere else. Andrea and Rick are a great match for each other in this post apocalyptic world. Andrea is headstrong. She keeps Rick in line when he loses it and she has become his battery to keep going when he is feeling down. Not to mention her relationship with Carl has grown over time. It would've been great to see the chemistry between these two characters on the small screen.

She's A Great Asset In Battle

I can't think of anyone else I would want watching my back with a gun than Andrea. Her sharpshooting skills are one of the best in the comics. She also has a keen eye when it comes to sniping and is best utlizing in high areas. Check the Alexandria story arc when she saved Rick from a group trying to take over. One of the major disappointments of the show is that they didn't depict how good Andrea was with guns. The show did reveal a few glimpses of her skill, but didn't really show deadly she can be.

She's A Great Character

Besides Michonne who is one of the most popular female characters in The Walking Dead. I find Andrea character more interesting. I love Andrea' s backstory and how Andrea was introduce with her sister Amy, then to have Amy die was a great introduction. She found solace in prison when she began a relationship with Dale. Dale showed her that not all hope was lost and she began to really grow as a person. She started voicing her opinons and became more tougher with the group. This is something I wish the showed did with Andrea but never did. I feel that the show didn't really explore her story and flesh out her character enough. When her death happen on the show we heard more cheers than cries. Andrea is a great character with an amazing arc that wasn't given proper justice.

What do you think? Do you think Andrea was killed off prematurely? Did her death on the show mean anything? Let us know in the comment section.