5 Villains We Would Like To See Ben Affleck's Batman Face In The New DC Film Universe

Since Warner Bros is rebooting Batman with Ben Affleck. I think this is the perfect opportunity to see some new faces for Batman to face. As much as I love villains like The Joker, Two-Face, The Riddler and The Penguin I feel that it's time to see some of the more underrated villains for Batman to face. Here is five villains we would like to see get the live action treatment in the next Batman incarnation.

1. Hush

Hush is one villain I think should be the first one to get the live action treatment. I think it will be a great conflict to have someone from Bruce Wayne's childhood resurface. Thomas Elliot aka Hush will be a great villain because he not only holds keys to Bruce Wayne's past, he also will challenge Batman on the intellectual level. In the graphic novel "Hush" Thomas Elliot was always one step ahead of Batman. Everything Hush done was well thought out and carefully executed. It will be interesting to see how filmmakers will be able to use him if he was a villain in the future franchise.

2. Black Mask

Black Mask is a character I really would love to see as well. His backstory of coming from a rich family that neglected him as a child is enough for his character to have a lot of psychological analysis in the movie. His resentment to the Wayne family and Bruce Wayne makes for a great story, add his control of Gotham's mob into the mix and you have one action packed crime drama.

3. Mad Hatter

I know for some fans the Mad Hatter might be a little campy for the realistic tone DC is going for. However I think if done correctly with the right script and actor the Mad Hatter can be creepy. His psychological profile of obsessive compulsive behavior is enough to scare audiences. If they ground the character a little bit and make his obsession a little more realistic this Batman film could be a real thriller. In addition the mind control aspect that the Mad Hatter uses as a weapon is very intriguing to play with story wise. Imagine if he controls Batman and have him do something he vows not to do like kill somebody it will make for one epic showdown.

4. Harley Quinn

I know this is probably not going to happen because in order to have Harley Quinn you need The Joker. Since Heath Ledger performance as The Joker has set the bar high for Joker performances it's unlikely we will see Joker for a while. However I would love to see Harley get her shine and if filmmakers follow the story of "Mad Love" it will really put a smile one my face. Harley fall from good girl to bad girl is interesting to see and I would love to see her love for the Joker explored deeper. 

5. Red Hood

If Robin is going to show up in this new universe I would like to see Jason Todd. Mainly because the tragic story that follows him. Unlike other Robin's Jason has some serious demons and anger issues. He's one of the Robin's that went rogue and his death affected Bruce the most. Even though we saw this story in the amazing "Under The Red Hood" animated movie I would love to see it done in live action.

Who would you like to see Batman face in the new film universe leave a comment below and tell us.