Microsoft XBOX Next Gen Conference

Hey Otakus and Geeks fans, Today Microsoft revealed their next gen console to the world. The XBOX ONE. The new console looks good, but is it going to be the the best Next Gen console out?
Lets look at the Xbox One's Specs:

A sleek, glossy black machine that appears to be close to the same size as the Xbox 360. The Kinect camera is a separate peripheral with a form factor similar to the new console’s and the same glossy black exterior. The console features voice controls for various functions via Kinect and integrated support for live TV switching.


Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox One has a beefed up set of specs to the tune of 5 billion transistors and 8GB of RAM, compared to the 360s 500 million and 512MB. The console comes equipped with a Blu-ray drive, multiple USB 3.0 ports, and an 802.11n spec Wi-Fi receiver. The Kinect is significantly improved as well, with a 1080p camera that captures a wider field of view and more accurate sensors, to the point that they’ll be able to detect your heartbeat as you exercise.  

The new console has integrated support for Tv and Cable services, complete with Kinect-powered voice and motion controls. Switching from game to movie to live TV to a guide was shown to be a quick and seamless process during the presentation. Motion controls give users the ability to swipe between channels and back out from full screen mode.

Skype comes with the XBox One with group chat as an added feature. Microsoft has also partnered with the NFL and ESPN to give fans a more immersed sports experience. Daily updates and up to the minute stat changes for your fantasy League. As always Xbox will have exclusive and downloadable content first. The new console will have a Live Halo series directed by Steven Spielberg.