Interview With Jim Dirschberger (Co-Creator Of Sanjay & Craig)

We had a chat with Jim Dirschberger one of the co creators of Nickelodeon's new show "Sanjay and Craig." We talk about how the show came about and many more. Sanjay and Craig premieres tomorrow May 25th at 10:30 A.M. Eastern/Pacific How did the idea of Sanjay and Craig begin?

Jim Dirschberger: It all started with Jay Howell  in 2004. I met him in San Francisco and we were doing animation together in 2006 to 2009, we did a web series called "The Forest City Rockers" about a motorcycle gang. Then we got a email from Nickelodeon who saw our animation and we were really excited cause Jay and I are massive fans of Nickelodeon. However we had to think of what were going to pitch them, we couldn't pitch this motorcycle gang series, because it's not really for kids. So we went back to Jay's "Sanjay and Craig" and we realize this was  the one. At first we were searching for who is Sanjay, you look at other shows and the kids usually have occupations, or a title we just wanted him to be a kid. What are some the challenges of putting the show together storylines since it's a comedy?

Jim Dirschberger: I think at first is trying to find your voice. Will be dialogue based, gag based or goofy slapstick based, the challenge was trying to find the balance between them all. We didn't want to close any doors so we can still have creative dialogue and we can turn to Craig who can bend, stretch and bring that physical comedy element. 

Trailer Based on the clip show there seems to be a little competition from the main characters for the affection of a pretty girl. Can you tell us a little more about that?

Jim Dirschberger: Belle Pepper works at the arcade where Sanjay and Craig hangs out. Craig is a little smoother when it comes to Belle and Sanjay comes off a little awkward. Any characters that are a reflections of yourself?

Jim Dirschberger: Everyone says Jay is more Craig and I' am more Sanjay. We based a lot of characters on our lives. Sanjay mother is a nurse, and my mother is a nurse. One thing we use to bond over is she will get home from night shift and will tell me some of the most grotesque stories like, "You'll never believe what happen to day a guy had an infected eyeball." Sanjay mother is similar in some ways. I think it's another way of keeping it grounded and unique. Do you have a character that you personally love?

Jim Dirschberger: We have a character that is a wash up actor. All the kids look up to him. It's something to see.