4 Reasons Why John Cena Must Turn Heel Eventually

I’ve been watching wrestling since I was four years old. I have witness the Hogan Era, the Attitude Era and now the PG Era. Never in all my years of watching the WWE have I seen a babyface get booed and not eventually turn heel. It’s one thing to get booed because you’re the heel, it’s another to be a babyface and get booed because the fans are tired of the gimmick. John Cena falls into the category that so many guys before him dealt with. When The Rock started he was getting booed as a babyface I remember chants like die Rocky die, and Rocky Sucks. The fans weren’t buying this good squeaky clean image that he portrays. Eventually Rock joins the Nation of Domination and became The Rock and the rest was history.  Stone Cold was heel and was getting cheered by the fans and eventually he became the top babyface of all time. The questions is why hasn’t WWE made this move yet. Are they afraid to lose the fanbase Cena has? Is the business aspect and PG era in the way? No matter what the reason is here are four reasons why I feel Cena must turn heel eventually.

1. Cena Character Is Stale – The my time is now Cena is really stale. Cena’s time has been here since he first beat JBL for the WWE title at Wrestlemania. It’s not that fans hate Cena, fans are just tired of his gimmick. Fans are tired of seeing him coming out on top and keep telling us never give up, hustle, loyalty and respect. It’s dull and no longer entertaining to watch. How many times is Cena going to beat the odds, how many times are guys going to put him over, people are tired of seeing it. Even Hulk Hogan had to reinvent himself to stay relevant with the NWO. If Cena character keeps on with the same gimmick, even his die hard fans will be screaming for change.

2. Cena Is More Entertaining Heel – When John Cena is not being Super Cena and is actually allowed to be more adult he is entertaining. His Thuganomics gimmick was funny, fun to watch and most of all he showed range and diversity. His in ring ability was better as well. As a heel Cena had more arsenals to help him win matches. He could screw people over, he cheat to get ahead and it will be really fun to watch.

3. Cena Heel Turn Equals Big Ratings – If Cena turns heel think of how big the ratings will be. Everyone will tune in to see it. Cena haters, Cena supporters everyone alike will be in line to see what will happen every week. If the storyline is right there will be no doubt it could one of the biggest ratings in the PG era.

4. Cena Will Put Young Talent Over – Cena has been at the top for a long time and it’s time for him to help bring young talent up. With Cena as heel it makes room for other talents to become top babyface to rival him. Maybe someone like Dolph Ziggler who reaction to cashing in the Money In The Bank is clear that he could the future face of the company. That’s only if WWE markets the young talent correctly.

What do you think? Should Cena turn heel and why? Or are you happy with the Super Cena era?