Toriyama: Hollywood’s Dragon Ball Sucked

With unusual candour for a top mangaka, on the eve of the release of the first animated Dragon Ball movie in over a decade series creator Akira Toriyama has taken some time out to bash the notoriously bad Hollywood adaptation he authorised.

A recent interview with Akira Toriyama about the new (2D) Dragon Ball Z movie, which for the first time he is helping to script, includes the admission that he was less than pleased with the Hollywood version:
With the Hollywood live action version, the script didn’t contain much evidence of the distinctive Dragon Ball world, and wasn’t even that interesting, and despite me warning them and suggesting changes they were so sure of themselves that they ignored me.
What they came out with in the end was a movie I can’t really call on par with the usual Dragon Ball.
Prior to the movie’s release he esteemed “the super talent of the production staff and actors” and enthused that “thanks to their power this may become a major masterpiece!”, and since its release has generally kept quiet about it.

Source: Sankaku Complex