Is The Mother In "How I Met Your Mother" Actually Dead In The Future?

Before I begin. I just want to say this article contains spoilers of last week's "How I Met Your Mother" episode "Time Travelers." Last week Ted was seen trying to decide whether or not he should go see Robots vs Wrestlers: Legends. He is greeted by his future self, and future Barney and throughout the episode he's trying to decide whether he should go. The episode includes a sub plot of Marshall and Robin dance off, and the return of the coat check girl. But the true highlight of the episode is the ending when it's reveal that Ted was imagining everything, that he was actually in the bar by himself with a single ticket to Robots vs Wrestlers cause nobody could make it. It was a great twist and character study to show how Ted mindset is at this time, he's alone. The end has Ted making a speech to the mother. This speech has fans asking the question is the mother dead? Here is the speech and I will give my take on it below the video.

45 Days

What has fans questioning whether the mother is actually dead in the future, is Ted saying "I want those extra 45 days." Why would Ted want more days with the mother? Does that mean she's dead in the future? Allow me to explain this scene for those that are confused. The entire episode is showing what Ted is feeling at this time. His best friend is married with a baby, his other best friend is engaged to the woman he always wanted. He just failed at another relationship, and naturally anyone looking for love will feel alone, insecure and depress. This scene is just Ted asking the mother to have extra days with her, so he won't feel what he is feeling right now. The mother is Ted's happiness and he doesn't want to be alone, he wants what his friends have. Ted wants to escape from this feeling of loneliness that is why he is so desperate to try to find her. This is why he tells the mother what will happen in 45 days and what will the future will hold for them, in addition he says he wants those extra days because those are happy days. In the future he has the love of his life, the kids, the house everything he ever wanted. If you knew your dreams were 45 days away, wouldn't you want them 45 days earlier? I don't think the writers will set us up for 8 seasons soon to be 9 to let us know the mother died. That would be a very depressing ending to a lighthearted series. One thing is for sure the mother is coming and I can't wait.