Superior Spider-Man #1 Review

Title - Superior Spider-Man #1
Author - Dan Slott
Illustrator - Ryan Stegman
Pages - 26

Story - After the death of Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man #700, by Doc Ock who cleverly swapping bodies with Parker. Doctor Otto Octavius was able to survive and now is in control of Peter Parker's body, memories and his life. That's right Doc Ock is the new Spider-Man. The Superior Spider-Man kicks off with Doc Ock as Peter Park visiting Doc Oct's grave (now Peter Parker).  He says goodbye to his old life and excepts his life now as Peter Parker.

What makes Superior Spider-Man really great is the fact how different Parker and Octavius are with being Spider-Man. This concept is really interesting to read. Octavius is in Parker's body with access to his memories, his powers, basically everything. He starts to see the world from the other perspective and you think he would start to shed a little more light and be more understanding. Not necessarily he's still the same Octavius in someways. Not to give a spoiler but the first fight with him as Spider-Man he tries to do what most villains do when they are losing which is running away. Unfortunately for him it doesn't work and he is force to take on the new Sinister Six. However later on as Spider-Man Octavius is more well prepared than Peter Parker was. Octavius likes to analyze and find out his opponents strength and weakness before he attacks. He relies heavily on science and prefers a preemptive strike compare to the dive in first tactic like Parker.

The Superior Spider-Man is a great character study on Octavius view of the world from another perspective. He's force to see things in a new light from his most hated rival  He has to live his life, see his struggles and endure the great theme with great power is great responsibility. So far Octavius doesn't seem to have what it takes to be Spider-Man, he's arrogant, tends to brutalize his opponents and doesn't fit well with interacting with the people. He even says it himself how does Parker do this all the time. So far the story is very interesting and one big part I left out that I won't spoil is his interacting with Mary Jane. Let's just say Otto needs to learn a thing or two about women.

Art - I love the art work on this book. From the cover art to the very sexy look on Mary Jane when she is getting ready. Ryan Stegman did an amazing job and the battle sequences fit very well. Spidey fans won't be disappointed.

Final Grade 9.5/10 - Superior Spider-Man is up to a promising start. It has a great set up and study on a villain looking through life from his rival eyes. This is one Spider-Man book that you need to check out.