Ghost in the Shell ARISE Announced: “A New Motoko!”

A new anime in the Ghost in the Shell series has just been announced, Ghost in the Shell Arise,  although there look to be some very dramatic changes to the franchise in store – including a new design for Motoko.
The details of the project so far are limited, indicating only that it is to be a new anime which starts production in 2013 and that Production IG’s Kazuchika Kise is overseeing the project, having had heavy involvement in various previous iterations of the franchise, along with being the creator of Mardock Scramble.
The production even boasts what looks to be a new look (or yet another body at least) for Motoko:

The new look prompted instant speculation as to where it is the new production fits into the existing canon – with there already being separately released settings for the manga, movies and Stand Alone Complex, anything from a sequel, prequel, reboot or otherwise could apply to any of them – or, as seems to be implied by some announcements, it may be an entirely new realisation of the franchise.
While a change to Motoko is daring, few seem to think they would risk changing her seiyuu – although this seems far from guaranteed.
Further details are scheduled for release with a full announcement later in Februrary.

From: Sankuka Complex