Rumor: Darkseid To Be The Villain In Justice League Movie

Boy! I tell ya the Justice League rumors do not stop. The latest rumor is a big one and if it turns out to be true, fans will be cheering or sobbing. According to Latino-Review ( Darkseid will be the villain for the J.L. movie. Of course this purely just a rumor, since the movie has no director, no cast and not even a finish script. However if down the line we do find out that Darkseid is the villain then I' am with the sobbing side. Mainly because of a villain of Darkseid's stature should be used in a second movie. I'm pretty sure the Justice League can battle the Legion Of Doom (Injustice League) first and then have Darkseid later. Either way I feel there should be a build up to Darkseid, and he shouldn't just appear like hey I'm here to destroy. Lucky for me this is just a rumor. What do you think?