Dragonball: Battle Of The Gods Details

Probably the most anticipated anime movie for next year. Dragonball: Battle Of The Gods is slated for released on March 30th 2012. Recently Toei Animation leaked a screenshot and some details of the story. I'm very excited for this film since Dragonball is in my top five anime's of all time. 

Story Details - The story takes place several years after the titanic battle with Majin Buu, that determined the fate of the entire universe. Bils, the God of Destruction who maintains the balance of the universe, awakens from a long slumber! Hearing rumors that a Saiyan defeated Freeza, Bils tracks down Goku. Goku is so ecstatic that a tough enemy has appeared after such a long time, he ignores Kaiō’s advice and fights Bils, but cannot do a thing against his overwhelming power and is defeated. Bils leaves, but his eerie remark of “Is there nobody on Earth more worthy to destroy…?” lingers on… Can Goku and co. really stop the God of Destruction?!