It's only day one t New York Comicon and I'm ready to snoop. I came with one thingn on my mind (aside from art, that is). Of course, that was finding Lolita & kawaii goods.

Unfortunately, this year wasn't the best and I had to look hard. And then I found Hip Hop Candy. This small, quaint, hobby turned lifestyle brand, was just what the doctor ordered to break the ice! I was able to score a quick interview with the hobby turned lifestyle brand, Olivia, to talk about what Hip Hop Candy is and what it had to offer.

Me: I usually don't stop to spend money during my first time on the floor, but it's soooooo cute! >< I can't wait to spend here, but first, can you tell us who you are and what you do.
HH Candy: Yes!!! I', Olivia and the propieter of Hip Hop Candy. It was a fun hobby and I started a small business of it in 2008. It combines Japanese fashion sense and kawaii style with super bright colors and is just stuff that I'd like to wear, personally. So far we've done ver well. In fact, we went full time this year and it's been pretty successful thus far *giggle*


Me: What are your top FOUR selling goods? 
HH Candy: Well, I started making these lip balms after learning to make soap and doing some successful candles. (YES! most of what Hip Hop Candy offers is handmade. SUPER cool, hunh?!)
-There's this one, Vampire's Kiss that tastes like red raspberry and pomegranate. 
-Our Debuneko plushie that we recently released. Hopefully we'll be doing more. I'm sure we will, but he's loved!
-People love the bunny butt! So almost anything with him is a best seller.
-And of course the bacon candle. I dunno ... people love  stuff that smells like bacon, i guess. 

Me: You've worked hard and now living your dream. What tips would you give any dreamers?
HH Candy: I'd say that if you're really passionate about something and put out consistent goods and updates, you're probably going to succeed. So hop to it *giggle*

The interview and spending time (and money) at Hip Hop Candy was super fun. Olivia is such a doll! I'd encourage any and EVRYONE to support her efforts! Three cheers for HIP HOP CANDY!
my personal pulls at Hip Hop Candy

Be sure to check out her Deviant Art page and website. Both SUPER CUTE & SUPER FUN! You'll Want to buy!
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