Necomimi ... The HOT Item at NYCC

 At least a year ago, I got a Facebook message from my bestie saying he wished he could buy me moving cat ears. Then, about 2 to 3 months ago, I previewed a J-Pop video that featured them.

Little did I know, silly silly Lolita, that things got REAL! and Necomimi was only seconds from making a splash in the States.

Of course, I get to NYCC and some of the first photos I snap are of the Maid Cafe with their ears all moving. I think "... Sweet! They're showing off the goods". But then evvvveryone has them on. I quickly realize that THIS is the hot item for this year's NYCC.

We got to visit one of the retailers and demo them. Check out the video of Dana as we're joshing around in Necomimis.


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