Everyday Lolita ... This is JUST the Intro!

As we all know, I am a Lolita to the core! Well, minus the cursing, grills, tattoos ... look! You get the point. My favorite style of fashion is Lolita, hands down. As such, I travel and tattoo Lolita and get asked about the style & fashion a lot.

Recently, I've met a hand full of loli's explaining that they'd love to dress everyday or at least most days. However, the top cocerns are
A). dressing Lolita for the workplace
B). dressing on a budget

Here is my responses to that ...
there's NO EXCUSE! If you want to dress Lolita, there's moooore than enough ways!

Sometimes this gets concerning to me because what girl would limit themselves from playing dress up in an otherwise semi-drab society, right?!

What's your take on dressing Lolita ... or ANY subculture style, for that matter? How often do you dress and would you wear it to work? Is it budget saavy or a "I gotta plan my life" sort-a-thing?

This post is JUST the beginning. I've been doing hella research and trying different looks and snapping many many pictures to give sufficient example of what can happen when it comes to being an everyday Lolita.

 For now, enjoy some of my FAVORITE Lolita warnings ... & next week, let's get to work! We'll be sure to take a thorough look at Exhibit A: dressing Lolita for the workplace.


and of course, Oscar Wilde has some FAMOUS words to live by!

Just a FEW quickies ... 
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Til next time ...
~je t'adore!
<3 IKB