One thing I LOVE about traveling to international airports is the Airport Art. Most airports offer something cultural from from their area that has some type of global trend.

As I breezed through the "i got the hook up" line of airport security, the exit was down what seemed to be a quite long, boring, & white wall >.< And the BAM!!! Airport Art. Before I could even read what's going on, I see American mariontettes and ornate Asian hand puppets ... (I LOVE marionettes & so hope to tattoo one -or a few, for that matter, SOON!)

With that said, what's the point of geeking out alone?! So here's a few things that I TOTALLY enjoyed from this little eye candy quickie ^.^
~je t'adore!

*Dearest LOLITA's I'm so sorry that I got sidetracked, but those tips are coming THIS WEEK! Then, we can build from there. Pinky Swear it! ;-D*