Fashioning Japanese Subcultures

Since I usually blog about Japanese subculture fashion, I couldn't wait to share this bit of news! One lovely day messing around on twitter, I started following author, Yuniya Kawamura. As she tweeted most subculture fashion interests leading to the release of her book, one day I was brave enough to say something inquiring about her magazine releases in New York. Eventually we started touching base and keeping in contact. In fact, recently we were able to meet and I really hope that won't be the last/ only time

So! I am so happy to share that Yumiya's fourth published book, Fashioning Japanese Subcultures. Today is a great day for this authors work since it has officially released in the UK. Don't worry! The states gets a copy too so we aren't left out. You either hold out until the release date (Aug. 7) or pre-order it at
If you are into ANY Japanese subculture fashion, this book is a DEFINITE must! I won't give any spoilers, but if you would like to read more about this work and the author, please visit Berg Publishers
Be sure to follow Yuniya's twitter for the latest. I'm pretty sure her future published works are just as colorful, great, ad insightful. I ca almost promise you that!

Util next time!
~je t'adore
"paint your day bright"