Tattoo Convention KAWAII :: A Talk With Hemet

So! I had the opportunity to tattoo at the San Francisco Body Arts Convention. I'm not too sure that you may be too familiar with the Rock-A-Billy style of tattoo-life fashion, but it's awesome. Aside from that tattoo conventions get overlooked for some of THE MOST kawaii finds ever! That being said, I thought I'd have a chat with one of the con's vendors.
Being that this was my first convention, I was pretty shy about the people and the things I would attract or even gravitate towards. However, after a few quick twirls around the show's floor, I kept visiting Hemet's booth for both the good vibes and smiles ... AND for spending money! *sheesh!* That being said, I  felt it only natural to share some of their Kawaii goodness with you. 

This week in ... Fashion <3, IKB!
IKB: What's your store's name and how long have you all been around?
HEMET: Hemet and we've been around since 2005.

IKB: Tell us a little bit about your brand.
HEMET: Hemet's style is influenced by our lifestyle, rock-a-billy, vintage, and cultural wear. Apparel and jewelry are our own designs and all hand-made.

IKB: In Japanese, kawaii means cute. Can you give show us around your booth with your top 5 kawaii items?

HEMET: Sure! Let's start here ... 
1. the Monster Safari Dress                                       2. Lolita cameo wristlet

3. Lolita necklace
(the necklaces hung from an AWESOME tree display!)

4. pastoral mini dress                                                     5. skull & roses skirt
IKB: Where can we buy the goods after the convention?
HEMET: You can chop our online store, selected boutiques and tattoo expos or follow our FB!

IKB: Last but not least, is there anything else you'd like to share?
HEMET: Sure! We are a family run business, we love what we do, and appreciate all of our customers!

These little kids were awesome! And though I was able to buy 2 ... I wanted to take them all away with me! I had to take pics instead :(
This was my pull from Hemet. The sweet cupcake apron and messenger bag and two figurines, a unicorn and a monkey.

For future shopping at Hemet, be sure to visit their website. You can explore your own kawaii rock-a-billy style and then you can be as diverse & unique as you want to be ... 

~je t'adore!