Nicki Minaj Explains 'Harajuku Barbie" ... I think?

So! Of course being all Lolita and stuff, on a typical dress down day, my style looks more Harajuku ... Simply put, I just dress how I feel ... HOWEVER, the combination of dressing how I feel with ruffle & bow accents AND being black puts me in this wretched "Barbie" category that Nikki Minaj lovingly flaunts.

NO! this is not a post of hating on her. But, sweet baby Jesus! I'm not Barbie. I'm me ... I get up, I want to wear stripes with ruffle bloomers, leg warmers, cool kicks, a svelte tee ... all topped off with a few bows & some blush & wig or not, this equals Barbie (go figure!). Since I have these random moments where dressed full Lolita I want to yell "I'M NOT YOUR EFFIN' BARBIE!" I decided to go on a Nikki Minaj fashion dig. Not surprising, most of it is *meh* BUT there is a video where she (kinda) explains her Harajuku Barbie concept. In my opinion, she fell short with her explaination of Harajuku fashion so here's a HARAJUKU FASHION GUIDE ;-D

Now! After watching this and checking in with the fashion guide, I'd LOVE to hear what my Lolitas and Harajuku fashion lovers everywhere feel. What types of responses do you get when in public? Ever have any "Barbie" moments that you're just NOT a fan of? etc, etc, etc.

I REALLY want to hear from you!

until next time
~je t'adore! >^.^<