Ghostbusters Fanfiction: Chapter 2- The Trials

Ghostbusters FanFiction Chapter #2 – The Trials

After three days of highly anticipation, my day for the Ghostbusters Trials had begun. What did the heroes of New York have planned for me I wonder? I arrived at HQ about 12 PM to be debriefed on what my trials was going to be.

“Okay kid today is the day you prove to us if you have what it takes to be a Ghostbuster.” Ray said.

“The trial is very simple we have gather information on a haunting in Central Park. Residents in the area claimed to see a woman in a wedding dress, searching for her husband.  Reports have stated that she has a thing for younger men. This is where you come in junior.” Egon said.

“Wait so you want me to seduce a ghost?” I asked.

“No your job is take actual evidence of the ghost sighting and see if the ghost is hostile.  The ghost appears at Central Park at 3 AM.” Winston explained.

“Great just my luck the ghost will show at the time of the highest activity for demons, spirits and ghosts. So I assume you guys want me to capture the ghost, cool I would love some Proton Pack training.” I said.

“Not so fast junior, you will only be taking this with you.” Venkman said.

Venkman handed me what look like an ordinary HD camera.  He gives me that sarcastic smirk that I’m really starting to hate. I look at the camera, and examine it to see if there is anything special about it. However I couldn’t find anything really unique about this camera at all. What the hell did they want me to do, play Pokemon Snap with this ghost?

“What you have in your hand is our new PKE Camera. It’s has a built in radar similar to find ghost similar to PKE Meter, only you can take pictures of the ghost for full documentation. All we want you to do is get proof that the ghost is present. If possible engaged the subject and get more information.” Ray explained.

“What happens if the ghost is hostile? I have no protection?” I asked.

“You’ll be fine junior, now go get some rest and report back to us in the morning when you have the documentation.” Venkman said.

I went home and relax for the rest of the day.  The hours went by fast and I found myself at Central Park around 2:45 AM. How the hell was I supposed to find a ghost in Central Park? Do these guys even know how big Central Park is? If you know anything about New York City then you know, Central Park is not a  place you want to be at this late. Screw the ghost, the freaks running around is scary enough. I decided to walk around using my PKE Camera. The PKE Camera was actually a pretty good invention, all I have to do is scan the area and it points me into the direction of any paranormal activity. However as big as Central Park is, finding one particular ghost would be difficult. 

I decided that it will best to wait till 3 AM precisely to find this ghost.  I start walking around the park humming. It was strangely empty hardly any people were out here. Then again who in the hell would be in Central Park at this time except the exhibitionist and people coming home from a party. I walk around for 15 minutes and didn’t find anything. Then exactly at 3 AM my PKE Camera starts acting the up. The scanner radar pointed somewhere close. In fact the location was too close to me. I took out a flashlight from my backpack and follow the radar. I couldn’t really pinpoint the exact the location on the PKE Camera. It the radar kept beeping, closer and close until I heard a question in my ear.

"Have you seen my husband?"

The story continues in Chapter 3 - The Lonely Widow